AAXA LED Pico Projector Review

Available for under $200, this pico projector offers the ultimate in portability. About the size of a smartphone, the projector fits easily into a pocket or bag, making it easy to carry with you wherever you want to go. Similar to the AAXA P2 Jr., this projector offers higher resolution at a more budget-friendly price. Reports on surveys taken show that customers are very happy with the product over the life of use.


If you are looking for a small projector that you can carry in any pocket of your pants, shirt, or bag, this is the perfect choice. Under 5 inches in length and just under 3 inches wide, the AAXA LED Pico is as small as it is powerful. Do not let its small size fool you. This tiny machine can project a picture of up to 60 inches in any dark room. With a fair array of features, you will find yourself turning to this projector for everything from watching movies to delivering presentations. Features include:

  • Brightness of 25 lumens
  • A aHD resolution of 960 x 540
  • Built-in rechargeable battery that delivers 80 minutes of power
  • Four inputs: AV, USB, MicroSD, Mini-HDMI
  • 60” image display
  • Popular file formats supported by the built-in media player

Open the box and you see the AAXA LED Pico Projector, a USB power cable, a tripod, a composite cable, and an owner’s manual. 


The AAXA LED Pico features LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology for smooth images and a higher resolution. Because of this technology, the typical color wheel has been eliminated. This means that you are able to view a clear picture without eye strain that is so common with single-chip projectors. Using LED technology, the machine has a life of more than 15,000 under typical use. If you chose to use the projector 40 hours a week, you would get just over 7 years of life out of it. 


The projector does an admirable job of displaying a picture that has good color balance and high quality. Like any projector of this type, the darker the room and the smaller the displayed image, the better the picture. The further away from the display wall you sit the projector, the larger the image you try to display, and the more light in the room, the lesser the quality of the image. We do not count this as a negative because it is not atypical of a pico projector. Shadow detail in displayed pictures is excellent, the lumens keep the picture bright, and the ability to hook the projector to a variety of devices count towards its buyability. 


If there is a negative about this projector, it is its sound quality. With a 1W speaker, we expect the quality to be better than it is. Speakers and headphones remedy the problem, but during our testing we found that some devices coupled with the projector and our headphones emitted no sound at all. Specifically, when hooking up a Blu-ray player, we were unable to play sound. While we were happy with the image quality, we feel that it is necessary to mention that some consumers may find the image to be lacking. If you are a perfectionist with a highly-trained eye, you may notice posterization which could prove annoying.

Customer Feedback and Reviews 

Customers on Amazon tend to agree that the machine works as advertised. The machine gets good reviews for picture quality and brightness. The battery life, and the fact that the machine allows for different customization, adds to the positive reviews. In the worst of the reviews, customers have similar complaint: the machine does not work out of the box. The good news is that the company responds to these complaints in a positive, courteous way, offering assistance in receiving a working unit. 



  • High resolution
  • Bright picture
  • MHL connections supported
  • Reads microSD cards and USB memory keys
  • Small and portable
  • Displays beautifully in dark room
  • Long-life thanks to LED technology
  • Tripod


  • Poor speaker quality
  • Audio does not work with all connections
  • No VGA input
  • 80 minute playback can be limiting in some situations

If you are looking for a pico projector that will not break the bank, the AAXA LED Pico is a good choice. With normal use, you can expect the projector to give you all it has got for more than 7 years. While some users report receiving a machine that did not work out of the box or died very quickly after first use, these complaints are few. We believe that any piece of technology has its own set of quality control issues, and we appreciate that the company publicly steps up to offer assistance. We were happy enough with the projector upon our review, but we were not at all pleased with the sound quality. If you plan to use your own speakers or headphones, do not mind diminishing picture quality under certain circumstances, and want a projector that is able to read a variety of formats, we are confident in recommending this pocket-sized machine.