This page will help you to discover more about the people behind First off we are techies and writers who love gadgets and pretty much anything fresh on the market which entertains us. As cellphones and tablets have become such a staple for most people, the ability to push the boundaries of what those devices were built for is being tested more and more.

As mini projectors are starting to grow in popularity, so are the amount of manufacturers. Our approach on this site is to review what’s available on the market, and provide you with the specs and details of each projector so that you find the right one for your device whether it be a Windows, Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Our reviews are very much based on the research we have conducted, and are in no way biased because of a brand name that we like or because an item is shinier than another. Functionality and quality are the most important aspects to buying a projector, and we make every possible effort to provide details you need to know before you make a purchase.

You may notice that we have linked to Amazon, as it is generally the least expensive place to get projectors, and because Amazon is pretty safe and generally good about shipping.

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Thanks, Jay and Andrew