Acer K11 Portable Projector Review

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  • Features
  • Reliability



The Acer K11 mini projector is larger and heavier than some of its competitors, but it brings many great features to the table and can offer some of the best image brightness available in mini projectors today.


Acer K11 ProjectorThe Acer K11 has three ports, but they work in a variety of ways. The VGA port can hook the device up to a laptop, or you can even use it as an HD adapter. It has a composite A/V port that you can use to connect the projector to a DVD player, or an iPhone, and the HDMI port allows you to connect any other device that has an HDMI connection.

This projector has a 1W internal speaker, which is much stronger than others we have seen in this type of device, and it also has an SD card slot so that you do not have to connect it to another unit to access information. You can also expect:

  • Long lasting lamp (more than 30,000 hours)
  • AC to DC power adapter
  • Quick-Start Guide Remote Control
  • Great battery life (up to 2 hours on a single charge)
  • Many projections modes: front, rear, desktop, and ceiling
  • Very easy to use 


The Acer K11 has some of the best technology you can find in a mini projector. Probably the most impressive quality it has is its brightness. Offering 200 ANSI lumens, this is the brightest mini projector we saw. This allows you to use this device everywhere, no matter how bright the room is, because you will still be able to clearly see the projected images. It also has a decent image resolution, at 858 x 600, though it can also handle a resolution of up to 1280 x 1024. Its aspect ratio could be better, coming in at 2000:1, but it more than makes up for this by the image brightness. Its speaker is one of the loudest we have seen, as well, at 1W, so you will not have to worry about purchasing an external one. it uses DLP technology to protect from image decay and it has a lamp that can last up to 30,000 hours.


The most important quality this mini projector offers is the image brightness of 200 ANSI lumens. This alone makes the device worth purchasing, but that is not all we loved. The speaker system is also great, as is the overall image quality. It has many connectivity options that allow you to easily plug in other devices and its SD card slot means that you will not have to necessarily have to connect it to a laptop or anything else to access the content you want. It is very easy to use and it even has its own remote to allow you maximum freedom when using the projector. It has great onscreen menus, as well, which can help you fix many of the display options like brightness, color, contrast, and so much more.


The Acer K11 is a bit heavier and larger than other projectors, so it is not as easy to transport as just sticking it in a pocket. The device has a fan to keep it cool while running, and it can get loud, making it hard to hear even with the great speaker system the unit has. There is some “rainbow” effect, as with any other projector that utilizes DLP technology, but it is not too bad.

Customer Feedback and Reviews 

In general, people really love the Acer K11. They enjoy being able to use it in rooms that are not necessarily completely dark and they like that it has a good internal speaker system so they do not have to lug around other devices. Although it is on the heavier side, customers were more than happy to trade a bit of convenience for how easy it is to use this device. With all its display menus, they can easily modify the image so that it looks its best. They are happy with the remote control, as well, since it allows for maximum convenience when watching a movie or making a presentation.



  • Its brightness
  • Internal speaker system
  • Great image quality
  • Many port options to ease connectivity
  • Reliable image
  • SD card slot
  • Remote control
  • Display menus
  • Long lasting LED lamp (up to 30,000 hours)


  • Less portable than other options
  • Some “rainbow” effect
  • Loud fan

The Acer K11 is a great mini projector for most situations. It works well in classroom settings and in office spaces, and it can be a good choice for less formal occasions like watching a movie or playing video games. With a clear image and amazing brightness, this mini projector has something for everyone.