Cinemin Swivel Mini Projector Review

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The Cinemin Swivel mini projector has an inventive design that allows for interesting image projecting options. It is a great option for playing movies and pictures among friends.


cinemin-swivelThe Cinemin Swivel is one of the most interesting mini projectors we looked at. With its hinge near the middle of its body, it is easy to angle the projector so that the images appear in different areas of the wall, or even the ceiling. It has a number of useful ports, including a USB, a headphone jack, and a composite AV. The composite AV is easily used to connect another device, like a media player, but it works best if it is connected to an iPhone or iPad.

This mini projector has a lamp life of 20,000 hours and it has a built in speaker at 0.5W, but its number of ports makes it possible to add an external one, as well. It has a very useful manual focus and it is one of the simplest mini projectors to plug in and use. Some other features include:

  • DPL projection technology
  • Four international adapters
  • Very light and portable


The Cinemin Swivel mini projector works best when used only up to 8.5 feet away, since its maximum image size is 60 inches. Its resolution is 480 x 320, which is not the best we have seen, and it only has 8 ANSI lumens, making it one of the weakest projectors when it comes to image brightness. It has a good contrast ratio at 1000:1 and a very unusually positive aspect ratio of 3:2. The built in speaker could be better than its 0.5W, but it works fine in small settings. This projector is completely compatible with iPads and iPhones, but not compatible with computers.


This mini projector is light and easy to transport and use. It has four international adapters for charging if you travel abroad, and its lamp can last up to 20,000 hours. It has one of the most innovative designs today that allows you to project images where you want to, from all angles of the walls to the ceiling and floors. It has a battery life that is about two hours and its speaker is adequate for small settings. It has a good contrast ratio for clear images, and a great aspect ratio.


The Cinemin Swivel mini projector is not the brightest option in the market today. It only has 8 ANSI lumens, so the room will have to be very dark in order to see the images as clearly as you would like. It does not work well unless it is within 8.5 feet of the projected image and it has a limited image size of 60 inches. Although it does have an internal speaker, it is monophonic and at only 0.5W, it is not strong enough for a presentation unless people are sitting very close to the projector. This device also has limited ways of connecting it to computers, which in turn limits its use.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers say the Cinemin Swivel is a useful projector with some limitations. It is easy to plug and use and its hinge allows users to manipulate the image placement, allowing for unique angles. They are happy with the image quality but are disappointed that it requires almost complete darkness to work correctly. They would also like to have had a more thorough manual included, and some people have not had the best of luck using it with other devices, even iPhones and iPads.



  • Very portable and easy to use
  • Four international adapters
  • Long lasting lamp
  • Great design and functionality
  • Great aspect ratio and decent contrast ratio
  • Manual focus


  • Low brightness
  • Limit of 8.5 feet of distance
  • Image size up to only 60 inches
  • Weak internal speakers at only 0.5W
  • Limited connectivity to other devices

The Cinemin Swivel is an interesting study in design, but its function is somewhat limited. Since it does not allow you to connect to laptops or the like, it narrows down its use substantially. This is a good mini projector when it comes to image quality, however, so it is a choice to consider in more casual settings.