Dell M109S On-the-Go Projector Review

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The Dell M109S On-the-Go is a mini projector that comes at a good price and that provides a number of interesting additions you will not find in other mini projectors. Its sleek design and portability can make this projector an affordable and useful purchase.


Dell M109sAlthough the Dell M109S On-the-Go does not have a whole array of features, the ones it does have are all useful. One thing you will not find in other mini projectors is the ability to password protect it. It is a very small projector, at 3.6 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches and only 0.80 pounds, and it can easily fit into handbags or briefcases.

There is no need to replace module lights, which can save you time and money in the long run. Although it only has one port, the cable that comes with the device enables VGA and composite A/V input. Other features include:

  • DLP and BrilliantColor technology
  • Easy connectivity as long as you have the brand specific cable
  • Password protection
  • It is “greener” than most other mini projectors out there
  • Comes with a power cable, VGA cable, User’s guide, and carrying case 


The Dell M109S On-the-Go mini projector has a resolution of 858 x 600, which though not horrible, could be better. At 50 ANSI lumens, the brightness if better than many other projectors we saw, but it is still necessary to keep the room fairly dark in order to best see the projected images. The image size only ranges from 15 to 60 inches, which limits how useful this device is. Its contrast ratio is only 800:1, which is a bit below average and disappointing, considering we are talking about a Dell product. The aspect ratio continues the average streak coming at only 4:3. It is easy to use, but it does require a brand-specific cable if you want to connect the device to anything else. Although this can save you having to carry lots of other cables, it does limit your options if you misplace it or forget it on the day of the presentation. We wanted to see a good zoom option and manual focus, but the Dell M109S On-the-Go does not have them. Yes, you can zoom in by moving the projector, but we wanted something more convenient and user-friendly. Unlike other mini projectors that use DLP technology, this one does not have any frustrating rainbow effects, which is a huge plus.


You only have to worry about one cable with this mini projector, so carrying it can be very easy. It has the option of being password protected, which can add a level of security that other mini projectors in this price range do not provide. This device is very easy to use, with buttons clearly labeled on the top. No rainbow effect using DLP technology, which is uncommon. It is one of the more environment friendly projectors because it uses LED lights.


The Dell M109S On-the-Go mini projector does not provide the best image quality. Since it only has 50 ANSI lumens, the room would have to be very dark in order to see the images correctly. Its image size range is also limited (15 to 60 inches), and it only has one port which can only be used with its own brand-specific cable. The device has no battery, so you have to always have it plugged in. This limits the locations where you can use the unit, and has you depending solely on the power cable that comes with the device. The projector has no internal speaker and no internal memory storage, either. The contrast ratio and aspect ratio are only average, which means the images will not be of the highest quality, and it does not come with a remote control.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The one thing most people who have tried this mini projector were disappointed by is the lack of brightness. 50 ANSI lumens is not enough unless the room is very dark and this is not always possible. They wanted a remote control, as well, since otherwise they have to stand by the machine at all times. People did like how easy to transport the device is and the added feature of password protection gave them the security they needed when it came to their files and information. The brand specific cable was not a positive for them, since it meant they had to always ensure they had it with them.



  • Portable
  • DLP technology with no rainbow effect
  • Password protection
  • Long lasting LED lights
  • Easy to use


  • Not the best brightness
  • No remote control
  • No internal speaker system or memory system
  • No battery
  • Small image size
  • Only works with brand-specific cable

Although it provides password protection and a “greener” approach to a mini projector, the Dell M1095 On-the-Go leaves quite a bit to be desired. With its small image size and low brightness, this one is not a good choice unless you can depend on having a dark room. For its price range, you can find another mini projector that has more features and better image quality, like the BenQ Joybee GP2.