PocketCinema V50 Review & Specs

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The PocketCinema V50 mini projector has a number of useful features and is very easy to use. It provides a reliable picture, though you will not get much when it comes to image size.


PocketCinema V50The PocketCinema V50 has a long lamp life, over 20,000 hours, and a battery than can last up to 2 hours on a single charge. One of the best things this projector offers is an internal memory of 128MB, and it even has an SD slot if you need more.

This makes it very simple to access the content you need without having to hook the projector into any other devices. It has internal speakers of 0.5W as well, saving you the trouble of having to carry speakers around, as well. It has a number of useful ports, including a tripod port.

  • Very small at 5.3 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches
  • Easy to use interface with clearly marked buttons
  • Manual focus
  • Great battery life (up to 2 hours on a single charge)


The PocketCinema V50 has a pretty decent image resolution of 848 x 480 and a ratio of 16:9. This provides a pretty reliable, clear image that can be projected at a decent image size. Its contrast is excellent at 2000:1, which can make up for some of its other faults, and it has a manual focus that can come very much in handy. It does not have great brightness, however, coming at only 50 ANSI lumens. This projector does have an internal speaker, but it is mono audio, so it might still be necessary to have an external one hooked up as well. It has a tripod port to make using it even more convenient and it uses RGB LED lights, which can last up to 20,000 hours. The PocketCinema V50 also, we are happy to say, comes with a remote control.


The PocketCinema V50 has quite a lot of good qualities. Its image is reliably clear, with strong resolution and contrast. What it lacks in brightness it makes up in some of the other features, like the remote control and the tripod port. It has a good battery life and it charges in a decent amount of time. Its lights last for up to 20,000 hours and it has an average image size projection. It is one of the easiest projectors to use and it comes with all the information you need to start using it. Although it does not have as many ports as some of the other projectors, the ones it does have are very useful, with USB ports and a SD card slot. It has internal memory and internal speakers, as well, saving you having to transport lots of other devices when you need to use it.


This projector’s brightness could be better than 50 ANSI lumens. As it is, you need to have access to a completely dark room in order to have a visible image. The connectivity options are limited, even with the ports the device has, so you have to be prepared for that. Although it has a speaker, it is sometimes too low, so plugging in an external one might be necessary. It also has no zoom function, and though it has manual focus, it is sometimes very sensitive.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

People in general enjoy this projector. They love that they can watch movies or images from their USBs with the USB port or the SD card slot. One thing they do worry about is that the audio out and AV In use the same port, so it is impossible to have an external speaker hooked in and still be able to watch content from your satellite or DVD at the same time. Some people have had problems with the battery life, draining after only half an hour of use. They do think the image quality is very positive for the price range of this projector and for the image size it produces, and the option to mount the projector on a tripod is a neat feature that makes using it even easier.



  • SD card slot and USB port
  • Internal memory and internal speaker
  • Decent image resolution
  • Easy to use and very portable
  • Can be mounted on tripod
  • Manual focus
  • Includes remote control
  • DLP technology
  • Long lasting light (20,000 hours) 


  • Not the best brightness
  • Limited connectivity options
  • Internal speaker sometimes too low
  • No zoom function

The PocketCinema V50 is a reliable mini projector that offers some useful features. Its most negative feature is that it does not provide as much brightness as necessary for a strong image in anything other than a dark room. It does make up for that lack by providing a clear image quality and extra features like internal memory and speakers. All in all, a mini projector worth considering.