Samsung SP-H03 Projector Review & Specs

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You will not get groundbreaking technology with the Samsung SP-H03, but you will get a reliable mini projector that provides the kind of image quality you want at a reasonable price range.


Samsung SP-H03The Samsung SP-H03 is a small, palm sized projector that is easy to transport and use. It has a great battery life, and can also be run by AC. One of the most unique features this projector has is port covers, which makes it very easy to transport the device without worrying about damaging any ports.

These ports include a PC In, a USB and SD slot to hook the device up to computers or iPhones, a composite A/V, and an audio output. It has an internal memory as well that can make it simpler to access information without having to plug the projector into a computer. Other features include:

  • Up to 2 hours of battery life
  • Long-lasting lamp (30,000 hours)
  • Comes with a great carrying case to protect the device
  • Easy to use, and many points of connectivity
  • Ability to display Microsoft Office documents without connecting to computer 


The Samsung SP-H03 has an impressive aspect ratio of 16:9, something you will not find very often in mini projectors in this prices range. The resolution, while not awful at 854×480, is also not ideal, and it can only provide an image size of 9 to 80 inches. It has a better than average contrast ratio of 1000:1, but its brightness could be better at only 30 ANSI lumens. It does not come with a remote, which can be an issue for some people, but it does come with many different connectivity points you can take advantage of. These include a 3.5mm jack for composite video and stereo audio, which you can use with the adapter that comes with the projector. It also has a mini-USB output and a headphone jack. The projector also has a micro-SD card slot that you can use to get your files into the Pico projector, and its internal data can also come very much in handy.


The port covers are a huge advantage over many other mini projectors in this price range. With these, you can transport your projector and not have to worry about damaging the ports. The contrast ratio is very good at 1000:1, much better than many competitors, and it has a memory storage of up to 1GB. The projector has another smart feature in the LED lights on top of the unit, which can tell you at a glance what the device is doing and if it is running as it should. It is a very easy to carry projector and it weighs less than many of the smart phones out there today. All the connectivity options make it simple to access the information you want to project without the hassle of extra cables.


The Samsung SP-H03 has a disappointing image resolution, at only 854×480. This, together with the equally average brightness of 30 ANSI lumens, creates an okay picture when it could be a much better one. The device also lacks a remote control, which can limit a presentation. Although the battery life is supposed to last up to 2 hours, having a USB pen drive connected drains the battery much quicker than it should. The buttons on the top of the machine are not always as sensitive to touch as necessary and the manual focus, on the other hand, is too sensitive and can shift the image focus widely at the slightest touch.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers who have tried the Samsung SP-H03 mini projector like how small and potable the device is and how quick it is to charge. They enjoy the internal memory, but are disappointed with the image quality and the brightness. They wish that it came with a remote and that the image could be projected in larger sizes, as well, since they are rather limited in presentations and the like with the current features. The port covers are very popular, putting people at ease about having to transport their projectors and they love that the device can read all kinds of files without having to hook it up to a computer first.



  • Portable
  • Reads all kinds of files
  • Excellent contrast ratio of 1000:1
  • Easy to charge, with battery life of up to 2 hours
  • Port covers
  • Manual focus
  • Lots of connectivity options
  • Easy to use


  • Needs better brightness
  • No remote control
  • Limited image size
  • LED buttons that are not sensitive enough

The Samsung SP-H03 is a mini projector best suited for less professional settings because of the image quality it provides. It would not be the best choice for offices, since you would also need substantially darkened rooms in order to have the device work successfully, but to sit around with friends or family it is a good option for its price.